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    Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask MFG: Alaska Bear
    Why We Love It

    At just $10, this highly rated Alaska Bear mask is the best choice if you’re looking for a more affordable silk option. Its inner cotton fill and outer hypoallergenic silk material will feel cool and breathable against your skin, and it features one adjustable strap. It also boasts nearly 19,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with customers raving over the comfortable material.

    Available starting at $10
    Eargasm Squishies MFG: Eargasm
    Why We Love It

    Sleepers who want a comfortable and adjustable earplug may find the Eargasm Squishies a suitable option. These earplugs are made from a proprietary silicone material that’s engineered to mold easily to your ear’s shape. These earplugs have an noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 dB and should help you stay asleep through ambient noise and snoring.

    Available starting at $17
    Flents Quiet Please Earplugs MFG: Flents
    Why We Love It

    Flents Quiet Please Earplugs are cylindrical with flattened sides. These foam earplugs are designed to lie flat inside the opening of the ear, making them a more comfortable choice for side sleepers. They get high marks for being malleable and expandable, making them a good choice for most ear canal sizes. Since they don’t taper at one end, they may provide a more thorough seal when inserted in the ear.

    Available starting at $129912
    Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask MFG: Mavogel
    Why We Love It

    Because of its larger size and full-coverage design, this option is the best mask for keeping out light. It features one thick, adjustable strap for a comfortable fit that molds to your face, and the cotton material feels soft and breathable on the skin. Amazon reviewers love that it stays in place while efficiently blocking out light.

    Available starting at $9988
    ZQuiet Advanced Sleep Earplugs MFG: ZQuiet
    Why We Love It

    Made from flexible silicone, The ZQuiet Earplugs have a three-tier shape that should be both comfortable and functional for many sleepers. The set’s compact design is discreet, low-profile, and easy to use. A small pull-tab attaches to the side of the plug to ensure simple removal. Wearing the ZQuiet Earplugs can reduce ambient sound, snoring, and other noise by up to 27 dB. In addition to their sonic reduction capsule, the earplugs also feature a chamber that’s designed to equalize pressure.

    Available starting at $25